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Video is Complete
Yes, The Crooked U video is finally done. Sadly it is to big
to fit on the site. If you want to see the video in all its
greatness contact your local Crooked U overlord. the video
will be on a disk and will be loaned to you. Be sure you return
the disk so it may be passed on.Ill keeping looking for a way to get
it up here but it aint looking good.
After the longest struggle the "join" section of the site is
finally up. If you wish to join The Crooked U go and fill out
the form and we will take a look at it and get back to you.
The new Forum is up. So fell free to make a name and leave
a couple of posts. 
New Logo
Thanks to DT and Bair the crooked u logo has been improved.
As some of you might have noticed already noticed. Its alot more cleaner and
crisp now. Keep checking back for more updates.
Well, Things arent looking to good for the merge. It seems
the only person in the ATZ that is dead set against the merge
is Eclipse. And now the rest of the members dont want to leave
without him. With or without the merge of the ATZ The Crooked U
is a force to be reckoned with.
Yes, the rumors are true, The ATZ and The Crooked U are in
the talking stages of a merge to create the most dominating
force ever to hit halo. Dont get to excited (or mad,
whichever way you swing on this one) these are just the talking
stages. Futher negotiations are going to be made and we will
see where it takes us.
The Crooked U recruiting video is almost completed. Ill
leave another post when it is done.