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1. Never question your Superiors. This includes any one with a
higher clan ranking then you not just overloads.

2. Never invite a person into the clan, even if you have the power,
the overlords must reach a unanimous decision whether to allow to new
clan member to join. Even then only overlords may send the invites.

3. In-game, No one questions the overlords. They have complete
control over all weapons and strategy. this privilege only belongs to
Example: if you are given and order to guard a point, or and order
to give up the weapon you are holding, you must comply.

4. You must comply with the clan in-game symbol.

5. You have the chance to get promoted based on you in-game actions.

6. You must make it hot.

7. disobeying any of these ethics will result in your clan membership
being in jeopardy